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Rory Morgan doesn’t live with cystic fibrosis... it lives with him

“Rory Morgan doesn’t live with cystic fibrosis... it lives with him”.

Plus: Hear from CFA’s President, Mitch Messer as he introduces the newly developed Strategic Plan.

Jo Armstrong, Mitch Messer, Rory Morgan, (Parents) Rod and Donna - Wednesday 27th July at 6.30 pm (AEST) 1 hr.

Diagnosed at birth, Rory has gone through life’s ups and downs associated with CF. He has faced the consequences of the different life choices he has made, how this has affected him both physically and mentally, and how it has guided his journey to where he is now.

Having recently become the first Australian with CF to complete an Ironman triathlon, Rory is breaking down barriers and stigmas in the CF world, one awe-inspiring accomplishment at a time.

Please join your host CFA CEO, Jo Armstrong, as we chat with Rory and his parents, to discuss what it was like - from first hearing the diagnosis, right through to Rory crossing the finish line as an Ironman – and what is next!

CFA’s President, Mitch Messer will also explain CFA’s Strategic Plan and how our vision for the future will be achieved through a variety of goals and objectives.  



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