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Consumer Connect: About

Consumer Connect: About



You now have the key – unlock your access and break down the walls.


The last few months have been a busy and exciting time for us all at Cystic Fibrosis Australia (CFA). Thanks to the generous support of the L J Hooker Foundation, we have created Consumer Connect.


This new platform for people with CF and their support networks is a hive of activity, a place for everyone to come together for support and knowledge sharing and a bit of fun.


Since I started with CFA, there has been a common link in all of my conversations - something is missing for the CF Community. Unlike people without CF, you can’t just catch up and socialise, you can’t celebrate over dinner or commiserate over a glass of wine. CF has become a disease that isolates. That’s why CFA wanted to try and set up safe and valuable connections.


From this, Consumer Connect was born.


Consumer Connect is a portal where you can join the conversation by checking out our forums. These forums are a safe and moderated place for conversations on a range of topics where everyone is welcome. If you want to start a conversation on a particular topic, let us know and we will get it started.


Consumer Connect shares real life stories through our community bloggers, the latest research tips, diet tips, exercise tips, you name it. We have an amazing line up of people and stories over the next few months so be sure to check back in regularly as new articles and conversations will be added all the time.


Consumer Connect means you can listen live to experts and experienced individuals from a range of areas – specialists, physios, nurses, community members, people with CF, mums, dads, researchers, dieticians and more.


BUT, even more excitingly, you can register questions and then be part of the live conversation with the guest speaker.


This conversation feature will kick off at the official launch of Consumer Connect on 15 June. So make sure you register to participate or add it to your calendar so you don’t forget to tune in!


Consumer Connect was established to break down the barriers, to make access easy. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful partner in this project in LJ Hooker who’s own ethic of “keeping things community” has really helped this dream come to fruition.


We are also grateful to the fabulous team at Padlokt who have tailored, built and are now hosting this online hub.  These creatively brilliant yet down to earth young minds also followed their dreams to create a place where people can join together and since their launch in 2016 have connected people to their favourite celebrities worldwide. They are generously supporting CFA and their system will allow us to connect and collaborate across Australia and around the world. 


Consumer Connect would not be possible without the contributors, the specialists, the bloggers and the CF community members.


We want you to embrace Consumer Connect and we hope it provides new dimensions in conversation, education and knowledge. If you have feedback about Consumer Connect, or if you would like to share a written piece, or get involved as a guest speaker please contact,au.


We are so excited to unlock doors and help start conversations for CF Community.


And that means you! You’re warmly invited to take a look around, share the platform with everyone you know and most importantly – get involved and have a chat!


Until next time,


Nettie Burke

CEO, Cystic Fibrosis Australia