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Physiotherapy in the changing CF landscape proudly supported by Mediplast

Join our host CFA CEO Jo Armstrong along with Physiotherapists Jenny Hauser and Lizzie van Dongen. 

The landscape of cystic fibrosis has certainly changed over the years.

In this session, we deep dive into how physiotherapy has evolved over the years as cystic fibrosis outcomes and care have developed.

We are thrilled to welcome Senior Physiotherapist Jenny Hauser as well as Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor Lizzie van Dongen to the panel as we discuss:

- The response to CFTR modulators and how this is impacting individual choices in physiotherapy

- The current evidence available on best practices for airway clearance and exercise

- Tips and tricks to help develop habits in optimal lung hygiene, whether an individual is on a modulator or not

- Plus, any other questions our community may have  

Jen is the senior physiotherapist for the Tasmanian Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit and has worked in the unit for the last 18 years, with almost 25 years of experience as a physiotherapist. Jen is the president and founder of Inc, a not-for-profit organisation striving to provide evidence-based education resources in CF physiotherapy management accessible to all. Jen is passionate about developing strong clinical partnerships to empower individuals with CF and enhance their healthcare journey. She also has a strong interest in providing education to both people with CF and other healthcare workers. Jen has been involved in multicenter research with a strong focus on exercise and airway clearance, and motivational strategies for adherence and self-management. 

Lizzie is an Australian Physiotherapist whose expertise lies in musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice. Lizzie is passionate about living a life unencumbered by cystic fibrosis and is often seen partaking in half-marathons, full marathons as well as team ultra-marathons! Lizzie has a great enthusiasm for living life to the fullest and helping others to do the same.


This is your chance to ask any burning questions you may have and be a part of the discussion.

Please register your questions and be a part of this wonderful session!


This Consumer Connect session is generously supported by Mediplast, an Australian supplier of PEP RMT and the PARI range of innovative respiratory products including PEP devices, (formerly distributed by Technipro Pulmomed).   The MEDIPLAST and PARI ranges provide high-quality, effective solutions for those living with significant respiratory conditions, enabling optimal treatment times and a fast return to daily activities.  For further information, visit



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