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Consumer Connect: FAQ's

What is Consumer Connect and How does Consumer Connect Work?

Consumer Connect is a content site that allows members of the CF community to come together from around the world and connect in ways never before possible. By partnering with Padlokt, Cystic Fibrosis Australia has built Consumer Connect allowing users to view news articles, participate in forum style Community discussions, Watch Video on Demand content and participate in Live Video chats with experts in and members of the CF community around the world.

Will I be Recorded?

Viewers of a live stream will not be recorded as they are simply viewing the content and have therefor not connected their camera or microphone to the event.
Participants in live Q&A events will be recorded. All Live Q&As are streamed live and recorded for archiving purposes on the Consumer Connect Channel, so you can watch your favourite moments at any time in the future.

What is a Live Video Chat?

A Live Video Chat is a live streamed event where you get the chance to talk face to face with experts in CF and members of the CF Community. These Live Video Chats will consist of a guest, a host, a moderator, some other participants and yourself (if you are lucky enough to be selected). You will have to register to participate in these Live Video Chats by submitting a question and your question will have to be selected in order to be involved. 

How do I Know if I’ve Been Selected to Participate in a Live Video Chat and What do I do if I am?

You will receive an email through the email address attached to your account, in that email it will tell you that you have been selected to participate in the event. Then prior to the commencement of the event you will receive a secondary email with a link that will take you to the page where your Live Video Chat will take place.

How do I join a Live Video Chat?

To join a Video Chat you will have to register to participate in these Live Video Chats by submitting a question and your question will have to be selected.

How are Participants Selected for a Live Video Chat?

Participants are selected based off the questions they submit.

Who Can See the Questions I Submit?

Your questions won't be made publicly viewable, and will only be seen by channel administrators. If selected, users then ask their question live in a video chat.

What Happens if I Have Been Selected but Can't Make a Live Video Chat?

We're sorry to hear that you'll be missing out but we would really appreciate it if you could get in contact with, so we can organise someone to fill your spot and see what else we can do for you in future.

How do I get on a Live Video Chat?

If you have been selected to participate in a Live Video Chat you can either access it by clicking on the link in the email that we will send you, or by clicking on the tile of the event that you have been accepted to participate in. This tile can either be found by going directly to the Consumert Connect Channel or by clicking it in the carousel at the top of your homepage within the hour before the event.

I Can’t get onto the Live Video Chat, What do I do?

Firstly, what browser are you using? Currently our preferred browser is Chrome as Chrome works best with hosting and providing video calls, so where possible we suggest downloading and using Chrome. We do support most other browser services, but currently we are having some trouble with Safari, so until we have fixed that problem we suggest not using Safari for Live Q&As. Secondly, do you have a working camera and microphone attached to your computer? If not, you’ll need to attach them as you won’t be able to participate without a camera or a microphone. If you do, but you are still having trouble, make sure that your browser allows or has approved the use of your camera and microphone within the platform. Finally, how is your internet connection? If you have a poor or weak internet connection you may find it difficult to connect or stay connected to the Live Video Chat, so please make sure you are always near the best internet connection you can get.

How Long Does a Live Video Chat Go For?

The Live Video Chats go for at least 30 minutes and at most 2 hours. But you will always know prior to the Live Q&A, and when submitting your question how long it will go for.

Why did I get Kicked From a Live Video Chat?

To ensure that Consumer Connect is community friendly, there are a set of guidelines that we ask all participants to follow when engaging in a Video Chats. When these guidelines are breached the person responsible for the breach is removed to ensure that the Video Chat is suitable for all users.